Rules Regarding Public Observation and Participation in Open Board Meetings

The Harford County Board of Elections desires to provide transparency and education to all citizens in a respectful environment.

  • Any request for public comment must be made to the Election Director 48 hours in advance of the meeting; please include the topic of the comment
  • The Board President has the discretion to allow public comment and provide time limitations, per:

– Harford County Local Board of Elections By-Laws, Article 3 – Meetings, Section 3.2, item B Participation in Meetings, #3
– State of Maryland Open Meetings Act Manual (10th ed. January 2021) Section 3-303(a)

  • Members of the public must sign in
  • Questions to the Board must be presented in writing and will be answered in writing

The local Boards of Elections do not have the authority to make or change laws.  Each local board is subject to the laws of the State of Maryland, and the procedures set in place by the Maryland State Board of Elections to support those laws, as well as Federal election law. Our charter is to conduct elections in Harford County pursuant to those laws and procedures.

Any changes to laws and procedures need to be addressed to the MD General Assembly, starting with your own elected Delegates and Senators, and extending to the entire legislative body.

Please know that this Board, the Election Director, and every staff member of the Harford County Board of Elections care deeply about election integrity.  Each of us takes an oath to uphold the laws of the State of Maryland. We realize that citizens are rightfully looking to be educated and informed on election laws, procedures, and implementation. We will strive to continue to provide you with the information you request or direct you to where you may find answers. 

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